Announcement of the AStA Department Chair

The student parliament (StuPa) has advertised the AStA department chair again on 15.12.2022. The advertisement runs until 03.01.2023, an election should take place on 11.01.2023 at the 13th session of the student parliament.

Click here for the announcement in .pdf format. (german)

Tasks of the unit

  • Representation of the AStA externally and before the student parliament.
  • Chairing meetings of the AStA and being responsible for the proper announcement of minutes and the resolution book.
  • The unit represents the AStA as a voting member in the Förderkreis of the European University Viadrina, acts as a rapporteur in the Foundation Council, participates in local political meetings of the local -decision-making bodies that affect the interests of the student body (top-level discussion) and is a permanent guest in the Senate.
  • The department conducts the negotiations of the semester ticket.
  • The department is responsible for the content-related press work of the AStA.
  • The department is responsible for processing and reviewing applications for project funding in accordance with the relevant guidelines.
  • Representing the interests and needs of the student body.
  • The unit takes care of the annual, proper convening of the general assembly.

    It should be noted that due to the advanced legislative period, a committee certificate cannot be issued.

Results of the FSR winter-elections

Here you will find the results of the FSR Winter Elections 2022 tomorrow. You can follow the counting from 14:00 in the AStA office (Große Scharrnstraße 23A, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)).

Winter break in the General Student Committee!

Dear fellow students,

The year 2022 is coming to an end, and with it we are also taking a short break between the years. From 21.12.2022 to 03.01.2023 we are not reachable! There will be no office hours and the AStA-Shop will also be closed. In urgent cases you can reach us at, all other mails will be read and answered in the new year.

The first AStA meeting in the new year will take place on Thursday, 05.01.2023 at 18:00 in the AStA office and online, project applications must be sent as usual 24 hours before the start of the meeting to and must be printed out and brought to the meeting at the latest.

We wish you peaceful and reflective holidays and look forward to being there for you again in the new year!

Peer, Aleks, Lara, Sophie, Hannah, Lidia, Mo, Gabi, Nasiba and Arina
Your AStA Viadrina of the 32nd legislature