information abou the semester ticket

Dear fellow students

in this e-mail we would like to inform you about the voluntary possibility to „upgrade“ to the nationwide use of the VBB semester ticket. We are very pleased that the implementation has been successful as of 01.06.2023.

All information in this mail corresponds to the status as of 31.05.2023, 12:00. You will always receive the latest information at

  1. what does the upgrade to the semester ticket do for me?

The voluntary upgrade to the semester ticket is interesting for all students who regularly want to use public transport outside of Berlin and Brandenburg. Since 01.05.2023, the „Deutschland-Ticket“, which is valid nationwide for public transport, has been available as a monthly cancelable subscription for 49€, which, however, had to be purchased additionally by students who own a semester ticket.

With the upgrade, it is now possible to continue to use the semester ticket and, for an additional €15.67, to take advantage of the benefits of the Deutschland-Ticket. It is important that you have your semester ticket and your ID with you.

  1. How can I upgrade my semester ticket?

The link below will take you to the subscription portal. There you can log in as usual with your EUV access data. You will then be guided through the ordering process.

ATTENTION: Students whose semester ticket has been refunded CANNOT purchase the upgrade.

  1. is data protection guaranteed? 

By registering with the university’s Single-Sign-On (SSO), you ensure that you are authorized to purchase the ticket. For the service provider, your first and last name will be determined. All other information (e.g. date of birth) must be entered in the app. Please also note the data protection information in the subscription portal.

  1. How can I cancel the Upgrade Ticket?

The ticket can be managed in the subscription portal. The cancellation must be made by the 10th of a month to be effective for the following month.

  1. How can I pay for the Upgrade Ticket?

The ticket can currently be paid via SEPA direct debit, credit card or PayPal. The payment service provider LOGPAY always reserves the right to a SCHUFA query. Unfortunately, we were not able to change this during the negotiations. If you cannot purchase the 49€ ticket online due to a SCHUFA entry, we ask you to confidentially write us an email to to find a solution.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,

Your student council