9€ Ticket

Note: you will get the full 73 € refunded if you were enrolled for the whole period June – August. If you exmatriculate before, you will only get the money proportionally for each full month, because with exmatriculation you lose the right to the semester ticket and therefore also to the 9 Euro ticket.

If you were enrolled until 30.6. you will get 24,33 Euro.

Those who were enrolled on 31.7. will receive 48,66 Euro.

Those who exmatriculate on or after 31.8. or are still enrolled will receive 73 euros.

Will the semester ticket fee for the summer semester 2022 be adjusted to the €9 ticket?

Yes. The semester ticket will fall under the tariffs of the 9 € ticket and you will be able to travel across Germany on local public transport from 01.06.2022 to 31.08.2022 with your student ID. For the months June, July and August 2022 the semester ticket price will be adjusted to 9 € per month broken down to the three months – so you pay 27 € instead of 100 € for the three months (200 € for the whole semester/6 months) and get 73 € refunded.

Will the refund of 73 € be credited to the semester fee for the winter semester 2022/23?

No. Please pay the full semester fee for the winter semester 2022/23. The refund will be issued separately.

How do I get the refund of 73 € back?

The university will transfer the money back to the bank account from which the semester ticket was paid.

When do I get the refund of 73 € back?

The university may only refund the amount after the end of the campaign period, so the earliest the refund can be made is in September.

How do I get the refund of €73 if I paid in cash?

First, contact the Enrollment Office, which must confirm the refund. You will then receive the money at the payment office.

How do I get the refund of 73 € if I did not transfer the semester fee for the summer semester 2022?

There will be a form to change the bank data. However, it is not yet clear whether we will be able to put the request on the homepage or map it in viaCampus.

How do I receive the refund of €73 if I exmatriculate before the winter semester 2022/23?

On the exmatriculation application, you can also specify an account number now, otherwise the process is the same as for other students – the money goes back to the bank account it came from.

How do visiting students receive the refund?

Visiting students will receive a confirmation from the Enrollment Office that they will receive a refund and can then go to the payment office to get the money.

You can find more information about the 9€ ticket on the website of the VBB and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Digital Affairs and Traffic.https://www.vbb.de/tickets/sondertickets/9-euro-ticket/umtausch-und-erstattung/https://www.bmvi.de/SharedDocs/DE/Artikel/K/9-euro-ticket-beschlossen.html