2G Rule for the university

Open Letter to the Presidential Board

Dear Members of the Presidential Board,

the current strategy, 3G teaching and as much face-to-face teaching as possible, has failed in the winter semester 2021/22. Relying on such a concept once again endangers the stability, sustainability and security of teaching. We need secure face-to-face teaching for as many students as possible.

We therefore demand 2G teaching in presence with comparable online offerings from the beginning of the summer semester 2022. Only 2G teaching can ensure that face-to-face teaching can take place again in the summer semester, regardless of fluctuating infection numbers. We demand that the university, after four long online and semi-online semesters, opens and stays open with 2G teaching and an appropriate balance of online teaching. The technical capacities as well as competences of the lecturers must be developed to ensure a comparable online teaching. At the same time, the ability of students who do not fulfill 2G to study must not be jeopardized.

In order to enable face-to-face teaching for as many students as possible in the course of the summer semester 2022, we ask that a regular vaccination offer for students in Frankfurt (Oder) continues to be provided.

Furthermore, we demand a participation of the students in the decision-making process for the teaching in the summer semester 2022. You have decided on 05.01.2022 2G teaching, which you have overturned on 19.01.2022 in a, for us not transparent (or comprehensible) process.

According to § 7 Abs. 2 iVm § 25 3rd SARS-CoV-2-EindV, the state of Brandenburg leaves it up to the universities to decide whether teaching should be carried out under 2G or 3G conditions.

For a 2G regulation in conformity with the constitution and the fulfillment of § 25 para. 4 SARS-CoV-2-EindV[1], there is a need, as also provided by the concept agreed on 05.01.2022, for “suitable alternative offers” to ensure the studyability of all students. This includes the hybrid implementation or digital provision of compulsory courses, the offer of up to 50% of these as a digital event or transmission of the face-to-face event in the case of multi-course events, and the possibility of being able to attend half of the events in modules online.

Against this backdrop, we call on you to make appropriate arrangements in the coming weeks and to enable secure face-to-face teaching in the upcoming semester. As a student body, we will support you in this process within the scope of our possibilities without question.


The signatories:

General Student Committee (AStA)

Student Parliament (StuPa)

Juso HSG Viadrina

Campusgruen Viadrina

Kritische Jurist:innen


Stuck e.V.


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[1] Second Ordinance on Temporary Containment Measures Due to the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and COVID-19 in the State of Brandenburg (Second SARS-CoV-2 Containment Ordinance – 2nd SARS-CoV-2-EindV), dated November 23, 2021, as last amended by Ordinance dated January 14, 2022.